Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Hands to the World is a nonprofit charitable organization that was established in 2000 to help feed malnourished children in the world’s most impoverished countries.

Throughout my life, I have devoted myself to serving the needs of hurting people. But nothing has ever touched my heart more deeply than the hunger and malnutrition I have personally witnessed among throngs of innocent children while working in some the world’s most destitute nations. And when my research revealed that a solution for the problem was readily available, I knew I had to do something to touch these children and to alter the course of their lives.

For literally pennies a day, a concerned person can feed a child in a foreign country. Scientists have now developed some amazing food products that can actually reverse the effects of malnutrition in children when added to their diets regularly. And these products are both inexpensive and easy to store and transport.

So I am asking for your support. Your tax-deductible gift won’t go to pay for executive salaries or operational costs. And your generous gifts won’t be used to fund marketing campaigns or to pay for facilities or transportation. Other people and other organizations are providing us with these helpful resources. Every dime that you contribute will go to feed hungry children and to help restore them to health and hope.

So give with confidence, and know that your gift will be used to change the life of a child and perhaps the destiny of a nation.

Dr. Janis Smith
President and Chairman

Feeding Stations

Hands to the World currently operates 12 feeding stations in some of the most destitute areas of the world. And each of these feeding stations serves an average of 50 to 55 malnourished children who are enrolled in our program for long-term care and assistance.

Hands to the World has made a remarkable difference in the lives of these children. The key to our success is a remarkable food product that can actually reverse the effects of malnutrition in children.

This food product, which is rice-based, is fortified with all the essential vitamins and minerals, as well as protein and other necessary ingredients for healthy growth. This “rice casserole” is prepared and packaged right here in the United States and then shipped to warehouses overseas, where we store it until it is needed at one of our onsite feeding stations. There it is cooked and served to those children who are enrolled in our program. Most of our feeding stations are located in village churches in underdeveloped countries.

Our “rice casserole” is easy to ship and easy to store. It has an extremely long shelf life, and it can be prepared quickly and effortlessly, limiting the costs associated with operating our onsite feeding stations. And the children who come to our feeding stations for these nutritious meals are examined during every visit. We carefully observe each boy and girl in an effort to track their weight, monitor their immune systems, and keep an eye on their overall health and development.

But we do more than simply feed these children. While they are at our feeding stations, we also supply them with school supplies and school uniforms (required for attending free government schools in their countries). We also equip the children and their families with basic hygienic products and instruction. And we reward the children annually with individual Christmas gifts.

Our future plans call for the construction of a retail and wholesale warehouse in LaCeiba, Honduras, similar to a Sam’s Club or Costco here in the United States. This warehouse will provide the citizens of Honduras with food products, rental equipment, and other needed items and will enable us to raise additional funds to maintain our Central American feeding stations and establish new ones.

We also are currently developing an aquaponics program that we intend to introduce in the near future in those villages we are serving throughout the world. Aquaponics is a technology that enables people to grow both fish and vegetables in a limited space and without soil. This amazing technology can be utilized to help impoverished families produce much of the protein and fiber they need for good nutrition and could even supply these families with additional food items to sell in the marketplace. And we plan to assist other families in creating their own micro-businesses so they can break the grip of poverty in their lives through spice production, pepper farming, sewing, chicken farming, and hog production.

We hope you will join us in our mission to fight hunger, to combat poverty, and to reverse the effects of these terrible maladies in the lives of children and their family members. Please consider partnering with us today by making a generous donation to our efforts abroad. The world will be a better place because of your generosity, and many children will have an opportunity to live healthy and productive lives.


Hands to the World was established in 2000 through the efforts of Dr. Janis Smith, who possessed a tremendous passion for serving the needs of hurting children, particularly the world’s neediest children. Realizing that many of the world’s childhood diseases are attributable to malnutrition and that malnutrition is relatively easy to treat, Dr. Smith had a vision to find a highly nutritious food product that could be utilized in the battle against hunger and then find a way to responsibly provide that food product to some of the world’s most undernourished children.

So Dr. Smith established Hands to the World and began to build a charitable operation that could gather the resources and manpower for feeding hungry children. After locating a breakthrough food product that could help her achieve this dream, Dr. Smith then went about the task of building the necessary infrastructure for distributing the “rice casserole” and effectively administering it to those children who could profit most from its benefits. By creating partnerships with indigenous churches in impoverished countries and by creating additional partnerships with businesses in the United States, Dr. Smith laid the necessary groundwork to give life to her dream.

The plan during those formative years was to start small and to create a solid program of ongoing care that could reverse the effects of malnutrition in children and reverse the effects of poverty in families. And since an ongoing program like this would require continual monitoring and management, Dr. Smith chose to administer the program through trusted institutions (primarily churches) in the villages and communities where these malnourished children lived.

Today Hands to the World continues to pursue the vision that gave rise to this humanitarian outreach. We continue to add new feeding stations, and we continue to enroll additional children in the feeding programs we currently operate. But we also seek to add new services that can help the people of developing nations learn to protect themselves from disease and infection and can help entire families learn to become self-sufficient and even prosperous in the midst of poverty and despair. At the same time, we are seeking to acquire new funding that can help us do more at a faster rate as the population of the world increases.

Hands to the World is committed to making a difference in the lives of children and the destinies of nations. We hope that you, too, will commit yourself to this worthy cause and join us as we seek to be your hands to the world.


Adopt a Village

For just $30 per month, you can join other generous contributors to “adopt” an entire village of hungry and malnourished children. Your monthly gift will not be used to pay salaries or to maintain or promote our organization. Your $30 gift will be used entirely to: Feed hungry children Monitor the growth and health of …


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